• Aircraft Ground Power Unit

    Ex MOD Diesel Generators (25kva – 200v – 400hz – 3ph)

    These Ground Power Units comprise of a substantial 2 wheeled braked trailer carrying an easily detachable skid.  Sitting on the skid is a Lister-Petter LPW4 – 4 cylinder diesel engine coupled to a Mawdsley AC generator.  An extremely robust set-up with a well serviced engine as you would expect from the MOD. The engine is a 12v start with twin heavy duty batteries wired in parallel for extra power.

    The engine starts first turn and runs beautifully, no nasty noises etc and never fails to start.  The engine has an alternator to charge the batteries.  The fuel tank is underslung and is built into the skid.

    The output itself is monitored by a digital power meter, which has switchable phase L1-L2-L3, alarmed on all three. There is a circuit breaker warning lamp and also a dc available lamp ( 28v dc output). There are twin lamp indicators to show which load bank is live situated on the roof canopy. There is an idle mode on the throttle for warming up etc.. and also a run mode, along with oil pressure gauge, and water temp gauge.  The two internal breakers for these two outputs are situated inside the canopy and are both 63 amp.  Unfortunately the umbilical output cables have been removed but I would expect suitable sockets could easily be fitted.

    Although the unit is designed as an aircraft or helicopter ground power unit I’d expect the alternator could be changed or rewound for conventional 415v-3 phase.  You could probably remove the generator and fit a pump or compressor etc..

    The voltage output on the digital display reads as follows-

    L1- 115volt,400 hertz

    L2-200 volt, 400 hertz

    L3 200 volt, 400 hertz

    Kerb weight is approximately 1000Kgs.

    The whole unit is acoustically paneled so runs very quietly. There are jack legs for support, and the tyres are as new, heavy duty military type. The external holes in the canopy seen in the photos are the air flow ducts for the radiator.  Being ex-MOD there are a few nice features such as the drain tap on the sump for ease of servicing etc… please remember that the towing eye on this is oversized when planning collection.

    Price: £4500 + VAT each Enquire Now