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  • Microturbo Saphir

    We have just taken delivery of what again can be described as probably the largest private collection of Microturbo Saphir engines available.  These engines were used as the air producer to start the main engines in both the Jaguar and Hawk aircrafts.

    After months of painstaking, head-scratching, chin-rubbing development work we have managed to convert the air producer into a fantastic little thrust producing engine.   I’m sure this is the first time this conversion has been done.  These engines can be supplied with a variety of options ranging from “as removed” from service (see note below) to fully wired, piped, plumbed and running with a control box.

    Note: In it’s basic form the engine is supplied without any of the ancillary systems such as oil and fuel pump, ignition exciter, engine frame or instruments.  Everything has to be added to run the engine which is why there is such a price variance.

    Prices range from £3,000 – £6,000

    • Microturbo Saphir Specification
    • Power Output 50 BHP (Air delivery)
    • RPM 51,275 (100%) Idle 44,350 (86.5%)
    • Compressor Centrifugal Impeller
    • Combustion Chamber Reverse Flow Annular with 8 Burners
    • Turbine 2 Stage Axial Flow
    • Layout Single Spool with Reduction Gearbox
    • Starting Starter Motor with Integral Speed Sensor
    • Ignition HT Igniters with 2 Plugs
    • Fuel System Electric Motor Driven Gear Pump with Electronic Control System
    • Lubrication Dry Sump with Electric Driven Pump, Oil Spec MIl-L-7808
    • Air delivery 0.415 Kg/Sec @ 45 PSI
    • Application Air Producer in BAE Hawk (047), Ditto Jaguar(007), L39, Various French Aircraft
    Price: £ + VAT each
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