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  • Rolls Royce / BMW T312 Starter Motor

    Part Number: C16505

    We have several of these in stock.

    Price: £500 + VAT each
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  • Air Starter – Stad 250 Gas Turbine Jet Engine

    A jet engine in it’s own right this is the popular Stad 250 engine.  It was designed with an oversize compressor, surplus air was bled off and used to drive the air starter motor on many types of aircraft.  Please note I have a number of these units for sale, consequently the pictures shown are probably not the actual engine for sale but they are all very similar.


    Price: £1000 + VAT each
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  • Rolls Royce – BMW T312 APU

    This engine was developed for the RAF Panavia Tornado Aircraft and was used to generate shaft power, hydraulic pressure as well as compressed air to start the main engines.

    An extremely collectable piece of aviation history.

    Price: POA




    Price: £ + VAT each
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  • Rolls Royce MK106 Pegasus Turbofan Engine

    This is a fantastic example of a Rolls Royce Pegasus 106 Turbofan Engine which was produced for the Sea Harrier FA2.

    The engine comes complete with full log cards and maintenance records.

    You are welcome to visit and inspect the file records.

    I also have Pegasus 105’s available.

    Price: £7500 + VAT each
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  • Lucas CR201 APU

    This APU was designed as a starter motor for the Harrier Jump Jet’s Pegasus engine.  It is small, compact and perfect as a ground running project.

    The engine comes complete with it’s log cards.

    Price: POA

    Price: £ + VAT each
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  • Plessey Solent APU

    Plessey Solent Gas Turbine Jet Engine in serviceable condition.  These engines were designed in the 1960’s and were fitted as part of the starting system in the Phantom F4 aircraft Spey engine.  There is quite a lot of information on the internet on removing the free power turbine and converting these units to provide thrust power.

    This particular unit has it’s original records and is extremely rare being with its 731 “Serviceable Condition” paperwork.

    Price: POA

    Price: £ + VAT each
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  • Rolls Royce Spey 250

    This is the military version of the Spey series and was used in the now decommissioned Nimrod MR2 aircraft.  These engines are in fantastic condition, some with only a few hundred hours use.  They sit in a phenomenally well engineered transport frame which makes moving them quite easy.  The wheels of the frame retract allowing the frame to sit on rubber mounted skids.  Each engine also comes with a MVP bag.

    Price: POA


    Price: £ + VAT each
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  • RR Gem Engine

    We probably have the largest privately owned collection of Rolls Royce Gem engines available anywhere.  These engines powered the famous Lynx helicopters.  We can provide engines “as removed” from service right up to a fully working turnkey solution.  All engines can be seen running on our custom built test frame.

    We can also custom build Gem engine stands, fuel tanks, starters and control panels and have a full range of instruments available.

    Prices range from £5000 to £25,000.

    The main advantages of these engines are:

    • Very much self-contained with on-board oil tank
    • Especially small footprint with terrific power to weight ratio (1000SHP)
    • EPU – Electronic protection unit which shuts or slows the engine down in the event of problems
    • Complete with free power turbine reduction gearbox (100% throttle = 6000RPM)
    • Starter motor included
    • Just add fuel and a control box!


    • Power Output 900-1200 BHP (Depending on the Version)
    • RPM: Nh= 43,400rpm Nl=37,600 rpm Npt= 27,738rpm
    • LP Compressor 4 Stage Axial with Bleed Valve
    • HP Compressor Centrifugal Impeller
    • Air Mass Flow 7.5 Lbs/Sec
    • Overall Pressure Ratio 12:1
    • Combustion Chamber Reverse Flow Annular with 17 Vaporising Burners
    • Compressor Turbines 1 Stage Axial each
    • Power Turbine 2 Stage Axial with reduction gearbox in the nose, output shaft speed 6164 rpm ratio 4.5:1
    • Starting Starter Generator
    • Ignition Two Torch Igniters with High Energy Plugs
    • Fuel System Gear pump with Hydro-mechanical or Electronic Fuel Controls, Electronic Protection System.
    • Oil System Return System with Pressure and Scavenge pumps, Engine Mounted Tank and Oil cooler
    • Weight 407 Lbs
    • Applications Two in Westland Lynx Helicopter
    Price: £ + VAT each
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  • Microturbo Saphir

    We have just taken delivery of what again can be described as probably the largest private collection of Microturbo Saphir engines available.  These engines were used as the air producer to start the main engines in both the Jaguar and Hawk aircrafts.

    After months of painstaking, head-scratching, chin-rubbing development work we have managed to convert the air producer into a fantastic little thrust producing engine.   I’m sure this is the first time this conversion has been done.  These engines can be supplied with a variety of options ranging from “as removed” from service (see note below) to fully wired, piped, plumbed and running with a control box.

    Note: In it’s basic form the engine is supplied without any of the ancillary systems such as oil and fuel pump, ignition exciter, engine frame or instruments.  Everything has to be added to run the engine which is why there is such a price variance.

    Prices range from £3,000 – £6,000

    • Microturbo Saphir Specification
    • Power Output 50 BHP (Air delivery)
    • RPM 51,275 (100%) Idle 44,350 (86.5%)
    • Compressor Centrifugal Impeller
    • Combustion Chamber Reverse Flow Annular with 8 Burners
    • Turbine 2 Stage Axial Flow
    • Layout Single Spool with Reduction Gearbox
    • Starting Starter Motor with Integral Speed Sensor
    • Ignition HT Igniters with 2 Plugs
    • Fuel System Electric Motor Driven Gear Pump with Electronic Control System
    • Lubrication Dry Sump with Electric Driven Pump, Oil Spec MIl-L-7808
    • Air delivery 0.415 Kg/Sec @ 45 PSI
    • Application Air Producer in BAE Hawk (047), Ditto Jaguar(007), L39, Various French Aircraft
    Price: £ + VAT each
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  • Rover Mk10501 Air Starter APU – Serviceable Condition

    A fantastic opportunity to acquire a genuine piece of aviation history.  I have for sale these Rover Mk10501 APU’s  as used in the famous NIMROD MR2 reconnaissance aircraft.

    See one of the engines running on the You Tube link below.

    These engines produced the compressed air to start the Rolls Royce Spey engines and are absolutely ideal as a ground running hobby engine.

    I have a full inventory of brand new spares avaiable for these engines!


    Power Output 100-150Bhp

    Compressor RPM 64,000

    Power Turbine RPM 47,000

    Compressor – Centrifugal Impeller Combustion Chamber

    Reverse Flow Annular with Six Sprayer type Burners

    Compressor Turbine – Radial Inflow Impeller Power Turbine

    Axial Flow Layout – Twin Shaft, Over Hung Gas Generator with Compressor Air Starter

    Electric Motor starter

    High Energy Ignitor

    Fuel System – Piston Fuel Pump with Centrifugal Governors


    Price: £3000 + VAT each
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