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  • Roll Royce Spey 250 Jet Engine Transport Frame

    This is a Rolls Royce Spey 250 engine transport frame.
    It is an incredibly well engineered piece of kit which I’m sure could easily be adapted to carry other types of engines or be used an a general heavy bogie (I have been told that these units were in excess of £20,000 when new).
    It has lockable fold down wheels, a retractable steering dolly, wind down legs and a small hydraulic ram for accurate positioning of an engines position.
    The frame weighs around 750Kg.
    I have a large quantity of these for sale so email for a great deal on a quantity of these items.
    As can be expected the towing ring is the NATO type.
    You’re welcome to come and view the units at post code SK13 near Glossop Derbyshire, just give me a ring to arrange a time.

    Price: £450 + VAT each
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  • Wing / General Maintenance Crane

    Price: £2500 + VAT each
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  • 3 Phase Alternator

    I imported them directly from China and they are a really good Stamford copy, I have used them for many years and they have been really reliable.  I coupled them onto the Lister LPW4 engines and they have have had no issues with them.

    The specification is:

    3 Phase – 415 volts – 22Kva – 50hz – 1500 rpm.

    They are single bearing and have a SAE5 Adapter and a SAE 7.5 coupling disk

    They are complete with phase switchable ammeter and voltmeter and also have a Hz meter.

    They also have an main isolator switch


    Price: £600 + VAT each
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