RR Spey 250 LP Fans

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  • Rolls Royce Spey 250 LP1 Fan

    Current stock of polished fans – (More Pictures to follow in the next few days)

    LP1   –   79cm diameter   –   20 Blades   –   £1500

    LP2   –   75cm diameter   –   26 Blades   –   £1450

    LP3   –   71cm diameter   –   37 Blades   –   £1350

    LP4   –   70cm diameter   –   43 Blades   –   £1250

    LP5   –   70cm diameter   –   53 Blades   –   £1250

    All sizes are approximate

    The Hawker Siddeley Nimrod was a military aircraft developed and built in the United Kingdom. Starting in 1975, 35 aircraft were upgraded to MR2 standard, being re-delivered from August 1979. The Nimrod MR2 aircraft was withdrawn on 31 March 2010, a year earlier than planned, for financial reasons.

    We are offering a rare and exclusive opportunity to acquire a part of one of these magnificent aircraft, a piece of aviation and engine history, to cherish and pass down through future generations.

    We have carefully and respectfully dismantled some of these engines, salvaged the low pressure compressor rotors, had them professionally hand polished to create this splendid work of art.


    Price: £ + VAT each
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