RR Conway LP Fans

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  • Rolls Royce Conway LP Fan Stages

    These amazing pieces of aviation history are from the Rolls RoyceConway engine as used in the famous VC10 aircraft.

    We have now started the mammoth task of stripping these huge engines, each engine takes two people around 10 working days but I’m sure you will agree it’s been well worth the effort, these fans are stunning!

    All fans are supplied professionally polished and can have a hanging bracket if required.

    Stage 1  –  114cm diameter  –  19 blades  –  £1500+vat

    Stage 2  –  110cm diameter  –  26 blades  –  £1350+vat

    Stage 3  –  105cm diameter  –  33 blades  –  £1250+vat

    Stage 4  –  103cm diameter  –  43 blades  –  £1200+vat

    Price: £ + VAT each
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